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Northeast Elementary Welcomes Special Career Day Guests

May 1 is traditionally Decision Day for prospective college students across the United States. At Northeast Elementary School, fourth- and fifth-grade students celebrated the day by wearing shirts from colleges both near and far while listening to special Career Day presentations.

The ten presenters spoke to the students about their careers and how they all got started, with several stories highlighting career paths that took unusual turns to where the presenters are today. Suffolk County District Court Judge Dave Morris, for example, spoke to the students about driving trucks in his early career before attending law school and becoming an assistant attorney. In another room was Justin Schwarz, who spoke to the students about marketing for Pepsi and showing off the different varieties of flavors that he has helped to create and release over the last decade.

Other Career Day speakers included Sarah Ciofrone of BOCES Technical School, video game designer James Williams, physical therapist Mikayla Lettieri, and police officers Justin Fernandez of the Suffolk County Third Precinct and Vikki Machado of the MTA police force.